VIVITI stands for VItality, VIsibility and para TI means for you in the Spanish Language. We are keen while working with our clients to provide Orientation, Energy and Success (for whatever success means to them) while ensuring that the feeling of Oneness with the organization and community is harnessed at the work place.

Our coaching practice is centered on inspiring change by engaging people in the work place through creating a coaching culture and in defining the “what is in it for me” to all stakeholders. Hence a Win – Win situation is achieved while ensuring that the triple bottom line is met.

Our role is to keep driving their momentum to achieve results faster and easier than working alone through a journey where learning, development, growth and contribution are the vehicle to success.

We believe that:

In order to bring our clients the highest level of expertise we at VIVITI collaborate with key specialist to meet their specific needs where required. All the coaches / Facilitators are fully qualified.

As coaches we work based on a Professional Code of Conduct which regulates us to adhere to certain core principles of clearly defined coaching set up between us and our clients to cover boundaries, confidentiality and disclosure within any coaching intervention or relationship.

Our Coaching Approach:

Coaching is about supporting organizations, their individuals & teams to define and achieve objectives towards desired results

Coaching programs are a combination of a series of workshops, team coaching as well as one on one where tools and techniques are delivered

Clients report improvement in general. Results are achieved in working relationships, personal fulfillment, business performance, career decisions and business development.