Culture Meets Brunch for the 2nd time in March! (Dates to be assigned) 

How to build Values Driven Organizations

Culture has become the new frontier of competitive advantage, Yet Measurement Matters!
Are you interested to make the intangible tangible? When you can measure it you can manage it, right?
So what are we talking about here, more and more people are buying into the intangibles of your company, people are buying into the people that work for you, they are buying into what you stand for, into how your product and service makes them feel, and the impact you have on their lives.
  1. Why does culture have such an impact on the performance and success of organizations? 
  2. What parts do values play in building cultures?
  3. How do we move from culture to performance?
  4. How can you view who the people really are, what is important for them and how aligned are they with your vision. How they view the culture of your organization and what do they believe is the culture that support higher performance?
  5. Are you interested to know what level of entropy (dysfunction or negative energy hindering performance and efficiency) does your organization have and how to overcome it?
  6. Do you want to be introduce to one of the most powerful tools that engages and retains talents within you business?

If you are anything like me and are asking yourself any of the above questions, join me over a series of breakfasts that I will be organizing, where I will touch on the above and introduce the tool that will help you measure the intangibles of your organization so you can manage them to move from culture to performance. 
Let’s have breakfast and explore together how to build resilience in our businesses in these ever changing times. It is my pleasure to share with you my passion of culture transformation within organization, together we can!

For More information about the up coming breakfast meetings please drop me an email through the contact us icon on this website and I will be in touch with you. Kindly provide me with your full details. 

Thank you.