Coach Me

Coaching is a partnership between a coach and his client. It is a powerful agreement intended to forward and develop the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness, fulfillment, owenership and responsibility.

Coaching is so effective because you agree with your Coach to commit to take action on things you keep putting off, things you never get round to or obstacles which are hard to overcome alone.

The process of coaching is based on questioning and listening techniques as well as other skills to be performed by the coach. It is 80% listening and 20% talking. Coaching which is not advice, therapy, or counseling may address specific personal projects, business successes, or general conditions in the client’s life or profession.

Who needs a coach?

Coaching is appropriate to healthy people who are Ready, Willing and Able to take charge of their lives and define their life purpose. With coaching they will be able to acquire the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to perform effectively in their role whether on personal or professional level. They will be motivated, inspired, challenged, stimulated and guided to explore ideas and a way forward. Even a coach is in need of a coach of his own.

Life or Personal coaching:

  • Coaching for personal vision and values & identifying their life purpose
  • Recognize where you are today and where you want to be and becoming the person that can take you there
  • Setting goals and objective in the respective areas of one’s life, given that a fulfilled human being is the total sum.
  • Overcoming challenges, obstacles and limiting beliefs by creating new patterns of thinking & behaviour hence creating empowering beliefs to reach the desired outcome
  • Obtaining a set of skills that allow the client to apply even after coaching program is over

Our clients normally feel they have achieved a breakthrough, delivering a significant change in a variety of areas in their lives. They report that their internal motivation increased with the process and that they developed a much more positive attitude towards life in general. Most importantly they say that their level of control over their lives in general increased toward the midst of the program.