Coaching Vs. Other Practices

A coach is a catalyst that aids to facilitate change, problem solving objectively while keeping the clients agenda at hand. It offers process support rather than focusing on content. Having a coach, provides structure & trigger the client’s thinking. Coaching is an excellent stress release environment. By verbalising things in a safe, confidential environment with no hidden agendas or judgments, one is able to get to the core of the issue and shift perspectives to start to resolve it. With coaching a client is able to find the best action and solution that works best for him.

A mentor is usually someone experienced in the industry. He provides advice and guidance and shares experiences with his client.

Consultancy deals with diagnosing any existing or potential problems it offers ways out and solutions and may or may not support the client to implement the required changes.

Training imparts specific skills & knowledge, a trainer is someone that gives his knowledge during the time of the training and usually does not follow up on implementation.

counseling deals with the past of a client, a counselor works with a client to resolve these issues.